We shoot the second Saturday of the month.

Matches begin at 9:00 AM. Signups begin at 8:15-8:45 AM. If you are late we cannot accommodate!

You must be present for Safety Meeting and Shoot Instructions.

Informal open spring/summer shoots will be held Tuesday evenings from 5:30 to dark.

Start times and club information is posted on their site        


The Ridgecrest Gun Range

 600 Yard Long Range Rifle Match first Saturday of every month

START TIME: Registration and Safety Meeting is 11:15 AM

SQUADDING is 11:30

SHOOTING begins at 12:00 Noon

Course of Fire:(All two sighters are convertible)
Stages are 2 sighters and 15 rounds for record in 20 minutes

MR-1 for metallic sights and those using slings.
MR-1FC F-class target centers for those with Bi-pods or rifle rests.

SIGHTS: This is an any sight match, metallic or optical sights may be used.

Target Pullers: Competitors will pull targets or supply their own target puller when not shooting or scoring.

SCORING: Competitors will score. Any competitor failing to perform his duties may be disqualified.

ENTRY FEE: $10.00 per person ($5.00 of which goes to range fees)
Those not a member of the Ridgecrest Desert Gun Range Shooting Facility or the SDGC must sign a General Release for Liability.

AWARDS: Cash prize for: Top Fullbore (Sling), F/TR (Bipod) and F-Open (Front Rest), Points winner receives an Advanced reloading Video.

RANGE LOCATION: The Ridgecrest Desert Gun Range Shooting Facility is located 6 miles south of Inyokern on Brown Road, at the corner of Brown Road and Wiknich Road.
Toilet facilities are available at the range, but no water is available so plan accordingly.

SAFETY: Empty chamber indicator (ECI) are required to be used at all times except during the preparation time and firing. Those not having an ECI may purchase one at the registration table for $1.00 each.

PRACTICE FIRING: The range will be available the day before for those individuals wishing to practice.

NOTE: Due to safety considerations, the match will be cancelled if sustained winds of 25mph or higher are encountered.

Geoff Campbell, (760)977-7275


600 Yard Practice - Third Saturday each month


The RGRA in Ridgecrest offers a monthly PRACTICE long range shooting training session. Range masters will provide tips on long range shooting techniques if asked.

Some ranges try and simulate long range shooting by using smaller targets at short ranges.

However, no simulations can present all the real conditions to actually shoot 600 yards as the Ridgecrest Gun Range provides.

Range Fee $5.00

Who may shoot:

You do not have to be a RGRA member to participate. (Non-members are required to sign liability release) Target Pullers:

Shooters must supply their own target pullers or hopefully team up with another shooter.


Hearing Protection (Required)

Impact resistant glasses (Required)

Drinking water, Sun screen

Spotting Scope, Rifle/Ammunition, Rest, Bipod or Sling & Glove, and Rear Sand Bag

Note:There are benchrest benches available along with prone shooting.

CONTACT:Geoff Campbell (760)977-7275



Competitions are the First and third Saturdays of the month.

NOTE: WINTER HOURS - Sign ups begin at 8 AM, shooter meeting at 8:45.

Afterwards, we occasionally meet for lunch and rehashing the stages.

RRV Home Page



We usually shoot every Saturday.

Membership and other information is located at the Club's Page.


Here are the full shooting schedules for RGRA Member Clubs

 Always Shoot safely!

The RGRA Board wants to thank the dozen people who came out and helped to build the ramp and doorway that made the RGRA rifle range handicap friendly.

The weather was perfect.

And we had a great group of NEW volunteers this time.

Now both the pistol AND the rifle range are now handicap wheelchair accessible.

Here is a picture of part of the group and the finished project.

Volunteers made the range.

Volunteers maintain the range.

Thank you all very much.


Become a member and shoot at the range from dawn to dusk.

RGRA Membership options:

Individual Annual: $25.00

Family Annual: $50.00

Guest pass: $5.00 for 2 days. Members are responsible for collecting the $5.00

Special Discount memberships:

Buy 4 years and get 5th year free:

Individual 5 Year Membership: $100.00

Family 5 Year Membership: $200.00

Special 5 year membership category may be cancelled with no warning.

Memberships allow unlimited use of the range.

These rates have not changed since the range opened 10 years ago.


For the RGRA Rules and Regulations Click Here


We are constantly upgrading
and improving the range facility.

 Click here to view the latest.


Directions to the Range

The range is located at the corner of Brown and Wiknich Roads,
southwest of Ridgecrest and south of Inyokern, CA.

From the Air

The Firing Line

My Image

The Public Range consists of 3 separate ranges:

100 yard range.
600 yard rifle/shotgun range.
300 yard rifle range.
Targets are now installed at the 400 and 500 yard ranges.
Steel targets are in place at 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400,
500, and 600 yards.
The Firing Lines are concrete slabs, with concrete benches
or holes to set up shooting benches.
The Range is available for individual shooting
or to rent for club or community shooting competitions.
Our Firing lines are covered for shade.



The RGRA Board has reviewed the gate policy and has established the following guidelines to be observed when anyone is inside the range shooting:

The gate should be closed while people are using the facility, unless a down range club has the gate open for a match.

The chain should be wrapped around gates with locked hooked in the chains to keep gates from swinging open in windy conditions, but the lock should be left in unlocked with the gate combo set back to all zeros, or some number other than the real combo.

The gate should NOT be locked securely while people are inside.

OUR REASONING for leaving gate unlocked - If someone inside was injured or ill, and called for help on a cell phone, and the gate was locked emergency personnel would not be able to get into the range to help them.

If you happen to be there and discover someone already on the range did not secure the gate and lock appropriately, please - with respect and courtesy - inform them about this new policy.

The History of the RGRA

Click here to read the RGRA History.

The Robbers Roost Vigilantes

The SASS sanctioned cowboy action shooting club,
Robbers Roost Vigilantes,
shoots the first and third Saturdays of each month at the range.
More information may be found at the Club's


The Sierra Desert Gun Club



The oldest shooting club in the area has a rich
and interesting history, and a dedicated membership
who are building their own range within the RGRA area.

 The Sierra Desert Gun Club's Page




Lars Bartel getting ready to shoot Deno the Dino

              The Coso Archery Club is located within the RGRA range.

Directions and additional information for our range can be found on our web site:

We have a monthly shoot on the second Saturday of every month.

Informal summer open shoots will be held Tuesday evenings from 5:30 until dark. 

All archers are welcome to join us at our meetings and shoots

Other Shooting Links

Other sites you may find of interest.
The National Rifle Association
The California Rifle & Pistol Association
Realguns Forums - A Community for Shooters

The RGRA thanks for their generous
assistance with this web site.




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